Super 16 Arriflex Camera for Sale   January 5th, 2019

In the year 1992, Arri released model 16SR3. Unlike its predecessor, this movie camera supports the Super 16 film format. This camera is available in two different models: "Advanced" & "HS" (High Speed). These models are great for independent filmmakers who want better picture quality for their movies.

ARRIGLOW 1.78 FRAME GLOW MASK 435 535b 4:3 Arri Super 35mm 3-Perf 16x9
Ends Thursday Jul-9-2020 16:22:09 PDT

16mm Core Adapter for Arri SR 416 SR3 Magazine Super16 S16mm Arriflex K4.15005.0
Ends Friday Jul-10-2020 13:27:47 PDT

Arriflex SR2 Super 16 PL Mount Camera package with CP 9mm Ultra lens-Mags-Batts
Ends Wednesday Jul-22-2020 7:43:27 PDT

ARRI 4x4 Matte Box ARRIFLEX 35 35mm Hard Matte 85-180 SUPER 16MM 35MM FILM
Ends Monday Jul-27-2020 12:42:05 PDT


Arriflex 16 SR3 Advanced Super 16mm Camera

Pictured above is an Arriflex 16SR3 Super 16 movie camera by Arri.

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