16mm Arriflex Motion Picture Camera Sale   January 3rd, 2019

Mint condition 16mm Arriflex cameras are popular among film students and independent film makers who want to make great looking quality movie on a tight budget. Find great online deals on mint 16mm Arriflex movie cameras for film production today!


Arriflex 16mm Studio Camera Blimp with Matte box for Arriflex 16mm Camera
Ends Monday Jul-6-2020 7:15:31 PDT

Ends Monday Jul-6-2020 9:42:19 PDT

Arriflex Model S 16mm Torque Motor for 400ft magazine Arri S
Ends Monday Jul-6-2020 10:03:38 PDT

Arriflex Arri professional shoulder mount brace + Handle fits many movie cameras
Ends Tuesday Jul-7-2020 10:40:36 PDT

Arriflex SR III 16mm Clairmount 12v Breakout Box for SR-3 16mm movie camera
Ends Tuesday Jul-7-2020 15:26:28 PDT

Arriflex Model 16M 1200 Foot Magazine Good condition- clean!
Ends Wednesday Jul-8-2020 16:18:08 PDT

Ends Thursday Jul-9-2020 3:03:24 PDT

Arriflex 16ST 16mm Movie Film Camera Set with Case Near Mint Condition Arri Flex
Ends Thursday Jul-9-2020 10:54:14 PDT

ARRIGLOW 1.78 FRAME GLOW MASK 435 535b 4:3 Arri Super 35mm 3-Perf 16x9
Ends Thursday Jul-9-2020 16:22:09 PDT

ARRIFLEX M (B) 16 MOVIE CAMERA,24 Crystal, Variable motor, 2 Mags, Matte Box
Ends Friday Jul-10-2020 9:40:50 PDT

16mm Core Adapter for Arri SR 416 SR3 Magazine Super16 S16mm Arriflex K4.15005.0
Ends Friday Jul-10-2020 13:27:47 PDT

3-Perf 1.78 FRAME GLOW MASK ARRIGLOW 535b 435 16x9 Frameglow 4:3 HD TV 1.33
Ends Friday Jul-10-2020 16:11:35 PDT

Ends Sunday Jul-12-2020 13:14:42 PDT

VTG 50s Arriflex 16 16mm Movie Cinema Camera Rotating Turret Motor Filter USN
Ends Sunday Jul-12-2020 20:48:17 PDT

Arriflex 16SR Shoulder Pad Original Factory Made 1980's
Ends Monday Jul-13-2020 20:18:16 PDT

ARRI 4x4 Hard Matte Box ARRIFLEX HARD MATTE SET 16mm 35mm
Ends Tuesday Jul-14-2020 10:37:58 PDT

ARRI ARRIFLEX Collapsable 16mm Film Core Adapter
Ends Wednesday Jul-15-2020 16:24:29 PDT

ARRI 16 S  16MM CAMERA  w/ 2 x MAGS, MATTE BOXES, 2”X2” -3”x3” , BRACE
Ends Wednesday Jul-15-2020 18:29:42 PDT

Collapsable 16mm Film Core Adapter Arri / Arriflex
Ends Thursday Jul-16-2020 21:38:27 PDT

ARRIGLOW 1.78 FRAME GLOW MASK 435 535b 16x9 Arriflex Frameglow Arri 35mm 3-Perf
Ends Friday Jul-17-2020 19:03:38 PDT

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16mm Arriflex BL cameraIf you are a film student or an independent film-maker, the Arriflex BL 16mm camera with Angenieux Zoom lens are very good cost effective 16mm movie cameras that you can use to shoot your movie on a budget. The "BL" is Arri's quiet movie camera so you can shoot sound footage if you plan on filming dialog scenes or anything that requires synchronized sound recording. These cameras are also very sturdy units that were used for to shoot documentary movies and news footage during the 1960's and 1970's. If you have more money to spend, we would recommend the "SR" version which is more modern updated version that was introduced in 1975 and the "SRII" version was released in 1982.
These more modern cameras are easier to learn to use.

Good quality used cameras are available for sale online so we recommend that you take a look at these listings and read the details to find the best bargains. Our listings update daily so check back everyday to see what new deals you can shop for. You can also shop for other versions such as the Super16 Arriflex or the professional 35mm Arriflex motion picture cameras.


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